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We create, analyze and secure websites.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design is the only working method to create websites that can be displayed in a convenient way on all kinds of displays. Our development is based on the "bootstrap" framework and on "wordpress" CMS.


Many websites are beautiful and eye catching, but the code and content doesn't follow the rules of the search engines. We look behind the surface, analyze and suggest amendments and modifications.

Web Security

We live among pirates - this is a fact. We detect the vulnerabilities of your website and recommend imperative corrections. We are specialists in honey pots and other counter measures.


Our newest "responsive" project went on-line on March 10, 2017.


The former static website

Static website


Avocats à Lausanne

CENTRALEX is a successful law firm in the center of Lausanne (Sitzerland). On March 5, 2017, one of their associates asked rwx-support to apply some amendments.

We then proposed to make the whole website responsive.

A responsive website can be clearly read on any device and any display.

static vs. responsive

Try it on your smartphone or tablet. Click on the left image to experience the pain of a static website, then click on the right image to enjoy the responsive version.

* * *

European and American companies experience the full advantage of the time-shift respective to our Asian location.
You decide a modification during the last meeting in the evening. Next morning the work is already done. This is smart Asia.


The new responsive website

Static website

Design Diversity

Life on the beach is so inspiring


A revolutionary idea ...

An outstanding boat constructor in Camiguin

ming's & more - Fine culinary Art

Excellent food from Camiguin

Smoked ham and more ...

La Fouly

An Oldie still performing strong

We look for the niches

Silent Gardens - True Philippines

Our Flagship

Silent Gardens



The luxury of selected privacy

Paradiso Hillside Resort

Paradiso Hillside Resort

A dream becomes true



Phased-out Action Website

Camiguin Hummer Adventure

Camiguin Hummer Adventure

Currently off-line, Hummer being overhauled

Centralex Avocats Lausanne

Centralex Avocats Lausanne

A successful responsive website


A way of search, find and do!

  • August 1993

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Our founder René, then IT manager at the IEC in Geneva, wrote the first website. It consisted of 5 pages, informing the electrical community that their Central Office were now on the World Wide Web and heading towards paperless International Standards.

  • March 2003

    rwx-support is born

    René got independent and created rwx-support in Geneva. The one-man company then developed websites specialized in tourism promotion. A first highlight was and still is LaFouly.net.

  • FEBRUARY 2007

    Transition to the Philippines

    Creative people need a stimulating environment. We decided to relocate to the Philippines. The 7107 islands triggered motivation and productivity. Our flagship "Silent Gardens" was born.

  • JUNE 2008

    Expansion on Camiguin Island

    Camiguin - the island born of fire - is our home. Here, on a sandy beach on a wild tropical island with 7 volcanoes we found the ultimate freedom and inspiration. One of our customers describes the Island: Patsada


    We are full of Energy

    Our team has grown and is expecting you to join our community of happy customers, motivated specialists and surfing professionals.

Our Amazing Team

Full of energy and envie to propulse your business


Ierene (Butch) Cortez

Marketing - Communication - Translation


René (Waebi) Weber

Ye old hacker - CEO - CISSP


Nara 奈良シカマル Caligdong

Java Beans and Hardware Crack

Meet us in Camiguin. Our guesthouse on the sandy beach of Agoho lets you work hard during the day and chill out at sunset. You may even want to do Yoga with an excellent instructor or dive with an expert underwater photographer and dive instructor.

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